Sarnoff Cardiovascular Research Foundation

Fellowship opportunity:

This foundations offers a year of research in a wide variety of cardiovascular fields at a medical school other than the one in which the medical student is enrolled, although exceptions are made.

Second- and third-year medical students are encouraged to apply, and fourth-years who have negotiated a graduation deferment may apply. Applicants who are not US citizens must maintain an appropriate visa.   MD/PHD students are not eligible.  Prior research experience is not required.

Fellowship awardees receive the following benefits:

  • $32,000 annual stipend
  • Allowances up to $8,000 for travel support to select a Preceptor and Fellowship laboratory and attend the Sarnoff Annual Scientific Meeting and American Heart Association Scientific Sessions, moving expenses, health insurance and funds for travel to present a paper at two national conferences

Application requirements include a completed application form, a three-page essay, a one-page personal statement, a medical school transcript, three letters of recommendation and any other materials that would enhance the application package.

Deadline: January 10, 2018

For further information visit :

For more information, contact:

Dana Boyd, Executive Director
Sarnoff Cardiovascular Research Foundation
731 Walker Road, Suite G-2
Great Falls, VA 22066

Phone: 703-759-7600



American Medical Association (AMA) Foundation

Students MUST be nominated by the financial aid office. Nominated students will be given a submission code and the application is done online.

*Must be a current Med 3 student.

Deadline: February 2, 2018

Underrepresented in Medicine (formerly Minority Scholars Award)

• African American, Latino/Hispanic, or Native Americans/Native Hawaiians/Alaska Natives who demonstrate a dedication to serving vulnerable or underserved populations
• Selection is based on academic excellence and financial need.
All accredited U.S. medical schools may submit two nominees for this award category

Dr. Richard Allen Williams & Genita Evangelista Johnson/Association of Black Cardiologists Scholarship (**$5,000)

• Must be an African-American student with an interest in cardiology
• *Must explain your interest in cardiology in your personal statement. One of your letters of recommendation should also reference this interest.
All accredited U.S. medical schools may submit one nominee for this award category

AMA Alliance Grassroots Physicians of Tomorrow Scholarship

• Must have an interest in and commitment to women’s and/or children’s health issues.
• Selection will be based on volunteer activities and/or research initiatives.
All accredited U.S. medical schools may submit two nominees for this award category

The Herman E. Diskin, MD Memorial Physicians of Tomorrow

• Must demonstrate a strong commitment to medicine, humanitarian, public service and compassionate patient care
All accredited U.S. medical schools may submit one nominee
• Selection is based on academic excellence and financial need
nominee for this award category
Regionally-Specific Award Categories


General Eligibility Requirements
• Must be nominated through the medical school dean’s office or the dean’s designate.
• All nominees must be rising final year students (current third year students who are approaching their final year of medical school set to graduate in May 2019). If a student is in a five-year program, they can be nominated either at the end of their third year or prior to their final year in medical school.
• Must be currently enrolled in an accredited U.S. allopathic or osteopathic medical school.
• Must be permanent residents or citizens of the United States.
• *Note that AMA membership or non-membership is not taken into