Hill & Ponton Veterans’ Scholarship

Hill & Ponton Law Firm has created a scholarship for veterans of the US Armed Forces.

The firm awards:

  • Four $1,000 scholarships
  • Two scholarships will be awarded in the fall, two in the spring
  • Application Deadlines: May 1st and November 1st
  • Awards will be announced June 15th and December 15th

Visit for more information and to apply: http://www.hillandponton.com/veterans-scholarship/

Deadlines: May 1 & November 1

The Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowships for New Americans

Thirty grants of $20,000 plus $16,000 for tuition are offered for graduate study in the US for one or two years for students who are Med 1 and Med 2.


One of the following must be true as of the application deadline:

  • Born in the US: You are a US citizen by birth and both of your parents were born abroad as non-US citizens.
  • Naturalized Citizen: You have been naturalized as a US citizen either on your own or as a minor child under the application of one of your parents.
  • Green Card: You are in possession of a valid green card.
  • Adopted: You were born outside of the US or one of its territories and were subsequently adopted by American parents, and were awarded US citizenship as a result of your adoption.
  • DACA: You have been granted deferred action under the government’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

Note: For all of the above, it must be true that both of your parents were born outside of the United States as non-US citizens, and were not eligible for US citizenship at the time of their births.

The application includes the following sections:

  1. A confirmation of your eligibility – “New American” documents showing status
  2. Your personal and contact information
  3. Your higher-education history
  4. The graduate program[s] for which you seek support
  5. Required submissions:
    1. Resume
    2. Two essays
    3. Transcripts
    4. Scores of standardized tests already taken
    5. Recommendations (3 required, up to 5 accepted)
  6. Optional exhibits

You must not have reached or passed your 31st birthday as of November 1, 2016.

Applications for the 2018 fellowships open in mid-April.

Deadline: each year November 1.

For further information visit https://www.pdsoros.org/apply

Leopold Schepp Foundation

Leopold Schepp Foundation: The foundation encourages young men and women to develop good character and pursue post-secondary education.

Scholarships are need-based and can be up to $8,500. Graduate student applicants must be under 40 years of age, minimum 3.2 GPA, and be enrolled full-time in an approved graduate program. Applicants must be citizens of the United States and a personal interview in NYC is required of all applicants (travel expenses are not reimbursed).

Scholarship considerations: Character (references required), Ability (Academic transcripts required), Financial Need (Student and Parent Tax Returns required), and a detailed estimate of academic expenses is also required.


To download the form to request an application visit: http://www.scheppfoundation.org/wp/applying/

Deadline: No hard deadline. A deadline is automatically imposed when a sufficient number of requests have been received.

Doris Duke Clinical Research Fellowships

One year of full-time clinical research is supported with a stipend, free health insurance, financial support to attend a year-end meeting and funds for supplementary research and training.

Applicants must have completed two or more years of medical school in good academic standing by July 1 (when all research programs begin) and may apply to one or more of the 12 schools participating in the clinical research program.

Participating Institutions

ICRF is administered through six U.S. medical schools with established programs in global health research. Each school is responsible for overseeing the selection of applicants and providing the mentored research experience. Each institution offers three fellowships per year.

Fellowship Details

Students participating in the ICRF program will take a year out from medical school to conduct clinical research abroad under the direction of a mentor working in global health, as well as complete related coursework. Fellows receive a stipend, health insurance and financial support to attend a year-end meeting as well as supplementary funds for research and training.

Students must be matriculated at a U.S.-based medical school to be eligible for the ICRF.

NOTE: Students do not need to be matriculated at one of the six schools administering the program to be eligible to apply.

Applications become available in November
January 10, 2017

For details visit http://www.ddcf.org/what-we-fund/medical-research/goals-and-strategies/encourage-and-develop-clinical-research-careers/international-clinical-research-fellowship/