Future Physicians Scholarship Program

Website: http://markjensenmd.com/#scholarship

Dr. Mark Jensen MD understands firsthand the financial challenges of getting through college, medical school, and specialization training. Through hard work, diligence, and by using scholarship opportunities like this, Dr. Jensen was able to become the reconstructive plastic surgeon he is today. After receiving his education and training form notable institutions such as The Mayo Clinic and then specializing in Plastic Reconstructive Surgery, Dr. Jensen envisioned ways that he could give back to the community and assist young students achieve their dreams of becoming a medical professional.

The Future Physicians Scholarship Program will award $500 every year to a student striving to achieve their dream of entering the medical professional field.

To apply, submit a 300 – 1,000 word essay along with your contact information to physicianscholarship@gmail.com.

Click here for For Official Rules And Terms

The essay should cover topics such as (it is not required to address all below suggestions):

  • The student’s passion and commitment to entering the medical field
  • Challenges they have overcome in pursuing their dream
  • The type of physician the student wants to be and why
  • A fun and interesting story related to the above
  • Goals in the next 5-10 years related to the medical field
  • What the scholarship means to you and how you plan to give back

Submission Opens October 15, 2016
Submission Closes October 14, 2017
If your essay is selected as the winner, we will contact you to receive:
Supporting Documents Required of Potential Winners:

  1. One copy of Official High School or College Transcripts
  2. Publicity/Liability Release
  3. Copyright Assignment
  4. IRS Form W-9
  5. Copy of United States Driver’s License
  6. Headshot photograph in high-resolution, digitally as a JPEG or TIFF file


Who is eligible to apply?

Any student currently attending a college, university, medical school, or specialization school, or will be attending within 1 year, and hopes to enter the medical field in the future.

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American Fork, UT, 84003