Waechter Medical-Legal Scholarship


Application deadline: Applications accepted annually from January 1 through September 1.  Winners selected and contacted by end of September.

Annual scholarships available: $1,000: One $500 scholarship awarded to a student of some kind of legal college, university or program; AND one $500 scholarship awarded to a student of some kind of medical college, university or program.

The Idea: Jason Waechter loves both the medical profession and the legal profession.  He believes the best of each field have something in common—they solve problems in creative and original ways.  These scholarships embrace this.

Eligibility & Selection Criteria:

  • Open to any students of any kind of legal or medical college, university or program;
  • No minimum GPA requirement;
  • The primary criteria is creativity in the application;
  • Background of the applicant may be considered.

Application requirements:

Write 150 original words (or more) about any of the following:

    • How the Medical & Legal Community can work more easily together;
    • How to reduce medical mistakes;
    • For medical students only: What lawyers don’t know about medicine, but should;
    • For law students only: What doctors don’t know about law, but should; OR
    • Any other novel topic mixing law and medicine.

In this writing also include (which does not count toward your 150 words):

  • Name & contact information;
  • Your background of not more than 40 words (include school and how far you are along).

The key: Be as absolutely creative and attention-getting as possible. There are no constraints—list ideas, thoughts, a narrative, an essay, whatever. Have fun and be unique with it.

Submit any text electronically to clerk@lawyerforlife.com. Anything else that cannot be submitted electronically (or anything else [creative] you wish to send) can be mailed to:

Waechter Law, 19080 W. Ten Mile Rd, Southfield, MI 48075

Nutshell on how to apply:

Send an email with:

  1. Name & contact information
  2. Your background
  3. Your written submittal


Website: http://www.themotorcyclelawyer.com/Scholarship.html

To see scholarship winners from previous years: http://www.birthlaw.com/34.html