Arnold P. Gold Foundation Summer Fellowship

For deadline and more information contact: Ian Finisterre (201) 735-8725

Who is eligible: Medical students at an accredited U.S. or Canadian school of allopathy or osteopathy may apply for either the Research or Service Fellowships (details below).


Student Summer Fellowships

The Student Summer Fellowship program offers opportunities for medical students to complete a research or service project related to community health. Projects must be focused on studying cultural competency issues, developing skills to become relationship-centered physicians, and addressing a public health need in an underserved community or population.

There are two types of fellowships:

The Student Summer Research Fellowship is awarded for research into community health and cultural competency issues. Although this is a research-based Fellowship, the focus should be on humanistic patient care and as such the proposal should show significant interaction with the target population.

The Student Summer Service Fellowship is intended to provide students an opportunity to design and implement a service project addressing a public health need in an underserved community or population. The Foundation’s goal is to provide an opportunity for students to work directly with patients and to become more compassionate, relationship-centered physicians.

The grant award includes a stipend of up to $4,000 for a 10-week period. Projects that do not meet the 10-week requirement will be prorated accordingly.

The following are not requirements but we are particularly interested in projects that:

  1. Encourage collegial teamwork, particularly inter-professional teams that include participants from other disciplines.
  2. Are novel and unique – designed and implemented by students.

Information and application: