Zelma Gray Scholarship (Ohio)

Zelma Gray Scholarships provide funds for tuition, lab fee and text book costs to medical students who are permanent or current residents of Guernsey County, Ohio, who graduated from a Guernsey County high school and who have a parent who lives in that county.

Guidelines and Criteria:

  • Zelma Gray Scholarships are available to any resident of Guernsey County Ohio for enrollment in an accredited medical school or college located within the United States, in hopes that the applicant will return to Guernsey County upon completion of his or her education to practice medicine in Guernsey County.
  • The Zelma Gray Scholarship will provide scholarship funds to help defray the costs of tuition, lab fees and text books while working towards the obtainment of a medical degree, defined as the degrees Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) and Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.).
  • Awards will be made to eligible students based on objective criteria such as MCAT scores and college transcripts on a nondiscriminatory basis without regard to race, creed, national origin, religion, or sex, and the amount is at the discretion of the Fund Trustee.

Deadline: June 1, 2019

Website: http://www.appalachianohio.org/grow/scholarships/scholarship-opportunities/zelma-gray-medical-school-scholarship/

Questions contact:

The Foundation for Appalachian Ohio
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PO Box 456
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