Southern Medical Association Alliance

SMAA offers a $2,000 scholarship to a 3rd-year medical student who has achieved academic excellence, exhibits leadership qualities and has financial need.

The scholarship is for medical students entering their 3rd year in the fall.

Applicant Must Submit:
  • The completed scholarship application form and any related documents
  • A letter, on school letterhead, from the applicant’s medical school verifying that he/she is enrolled full time as a medical student at that institution
  • An official copy of the applicant’s current transcript
Application Requirements
The following 5 items must be provided for your application to
be accepted. Remember to enclose all related documents
with application.
  • Financial Need/Use of Funds: Describe any specific needs or individual circumstances that affect your current ability to finance your education and explain how funds available will be used:
  • Career Goals in Medicine: Describe and outline your specific individual medical career goals.
  • Leadership Qualities: Describe your specific leadership skills or activities in which you have already had the opportunity to enhance your development as a healthcare leader.
  • Activities, Honors & Awards: List any collegiate honors or awards you have received as well as your participation in other leadership activities, community involvement, or volunteer activities; publications or participation in medical research projects; etc.
  • Other Interests: Please feel free to note any additional information or personal interests you would like the review committee to consider.

Visit for info and application:

Deadline:  September 22

Questions call: (800) 423-4992