Chesapeake Medical Society

Chesapeake Medical Society

The Chesapeake Medical Society offers the $1,000 Hubert W. Kuehn Scholarship to students from Chesapeake VA currently enrolled in medical school.

  1. The applicant attends or has been accepted to an accredited medical school in the State of Virginia.
  2. The applicant lives within the geographical boundaries of the City of Chesapeake when not attending school.
  3. The student must have some past relationship to this community, e.g., grew up here, attended grammar or high school here.
  4. Academic achievement will be the deciding factor when considering between equally qualified applicants.
  5. The scholarship award is $1,000.00.

Previous recipients may reapply.

Deadline: April 3, 2017

For more information and the scholarship application: contact the financial aid office or  telephone the Society’s Executive Director, Ms. Leslie Phelps, at (757) 312-6192 or email