Alpha Omega Alpha: Helen H. Glaser Student Essay

$2000 first, $800 second, and $550 for third. Prizes will be paid after the receipt of required documentation (see Requirements for winning essays, below).

DEADLINE: Entries must be submitted by online form on the AΩA website no later than 11:59 PM, January 31, 2018, PST. Winners will be announced May 1, 2018.

Authors must be enrolled at medical schools that have an active ΑΩΑ Chapter or association, but need not be members of ΑΩΑ; however, if they are AΩA they must be an active member. Only one entry may be submitted per student.

Requirements for Essays:

  1. Essays must be written while the student is in medical school, must be the work of a single author, and must represent original work.
  2. The essay may be on any nontechnical subject related to medicine.
  3. The essay must not exceed 15 double-spaced pages of 12-point type with minimum 1-inch margins, exclusive of reference listing. The author’s name and essay title must be on each page, and all pages must be numbered.
  4. Unique references, numbered consecutively, are limited to 20. (Reference citation of websites is not acceptable unless a site is the sole source of the information or has official academic credentials. Examples of acceptable sites are official government web pages such as that of the National Institutes of Health.)
  5. The paper must not have been offered to, or published by, any other journal or entered in any other contest.
  6. Alpha Omega Alpha is committed to upholding a high standard of professionalism, compassion and humanism in medicine. Patients should be treated with dignity and their privacy respected. We will not accept submissions to any of our programs that conflict with these values, or contain bigotry, or highly politicized content.
  7. Essays not meeting all requirements will not be accepted.

By submitting your writing to us, you give us exclusive rights to publication or first refusal.
You should have no expectations of privacy regarding the submission and its review.

More Information contact Jean Holzwart (72) 859-4149 or